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“Can I be sure that my neighbors are not selling cannabis near me?” This is one of the frequent questions we hear from new and experienced cannabis consumers, especially in New York City where there are so many cannabis retailers and suppliers. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the moment, excited about visiting an event or having a good time, without considering the possible impact that a cannabis product may have on your loved ones.

“It’s illegal, right? Can I be sure my neighbor doesn’t sell pot close to my apartment?” Wellnessnycuriousness NYC is a well-known Medical Marijuana Dispensary found in New York City. We’re comprised of a group of cannabis advocates constantly on the lookout for new products, new businesses, and patient-oriented care that will help our many medical cannabis patients, also known as caregivers.

Our mission is to serve the needs of patients while building an organization that is also responsible to preserve the therapeutic value of cannabis. To that end, we strive to provide safe, clean, and legal access to those who are diagnosed with chronic debilitating medical conditions that include but are not limited to cancer, AIDS, MS, Crohn’s disease, etc. In addition, we also strive to educate both the general public and law enforcement officials about the medicinal benefits of weed.

As a result of this mission, we also serve the neighboring communities by preventing nuisance marijuana plants from growing near schools, day care centers, and youth facilities. This includes our own plantings at Prospect Street, Prospect Avenue, and Cortlandt Street in the Bronx. Additionally, we are very careful not to allow established marijuana businesses to go on the property. If you have any plans to start a weed farm near me, please contact us immediately.

Our biggest concern, however, is always that someone we love may become addicted to our weed. Therefore, we try our best to keep all employees and their families away from the property. Our concern over this type of abuse is also why we try our best not to grow marijuana plants anywhere we know people can be exposed to it, such as the beach, in parks, near schools, and other areas where people are likely to get “hit” by unseen weed smoke. This is also why we do not allow landlords to rent out our facilities to anyone, including patients of ours who need a place to grow their weed.

Now that you understand why we are so cautious about cannabis near me, you may wonder what you can do if you live next door or down the street from a neighbour who is involved in cannabis growing. Unfortunately, no one besides you can stop your close neighbours from being reckless or ruining your good name or your peace of mind. graine autofloraison interieur conseil However, there are some things you can do to stay a step ahead of them.